Discussions in Infection Control” is the most replete, and Google’s highest-ranking, infection-control blog in the world. Test it – search for any related topics, and note the high ranking of this blog’s URL”

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This blog — founded, designed and written by Lawrence  F Muscarella, PhD — provides manufacturers and companies with an efficient, targeted, unrivaled and unique platform to optimize the advertising of their infection-control and related products to the audience that is most likely to appreciate and benefit from their products.

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Discussions in Infection Control focuses on the control and prevention of healthcare-associated infections (“HAIs”); instrument reprocessing; risk management in the endoscopy suite; and both risk assessments and root cause analyses, among others topics.

This blog is the most comprehensive, read, and focused of its type in the world.

This blog necessarily assures that the company’s targeted advertisement will be seen by a targeted, educated audience, not wasted in the proverbial ether.

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No other infection-control and instrument reprocessing blog in the world is viewed by as many healthcare professionals.


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