Search engine rankings:

Search rankings demonstrate a blog’s readership.

Using Microsoft Bing‘s search engine, the terms: “endoscope reprocessing” list this blog #1!

That said, this blog — “Discussions in Infection Control” —  is associated with the highest Goggle (and Bing) search rankings and results, compared to any other similar type of blog or on-line publication in the world.

No other infection-control and instrument reprocessing blog in the world is visited by as many healthcare practitioners.

This blog — which is content-driven, unlike any other, and focuses on infection control, instrument reprocessing, and the prevention of disease transmission during, for example, gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy, among other related topics, including risk management — is read by healthcare practitioners and consumers around the world.

A most important question is asked, with important advertising implications:

What metric is used to tout this blog’s popularity?

Good question. Using Google‘s search engine, the following keywords retrieve “Discussions in Infection Control” on the first page, often as the 1st or 2nd listing:*

  1. The terms “tap water for irrigation during GI endoscopy” provide search results that list this blog (EndoscopeReprocessing.com) 2nd – 4th.
  2. Greenville Memorial Hospital [and] infection”; rank: 1st.
  3. “Reprocessing contaminated TEE probes“; rank: 1st – 3rd.
  4. Safe storage of GI endoscopes“; rank: 2nd.
  5. “Using simethicone during GI endoscopy”; rank: 1st.
  6. “Endoscope reprocessing at the Veterans Health Administration”; rank: 1st.
  7. Disposable irrigation tubing used during gastrointestinal endoscopy”; rank: 1st – 3rd.
  8. “Infection control in ENT endoscopy”; rank: 1st and 2nd.
  9. “Bedside cleaning of GI endoscopes“; rank: 1st and 2nd.
  10. “Joint commission [and] colonoscope [and] disinfection”; rank: 4th (second only to The Joint itself).
  11. “Klebsiella [and] GI endoscopy”; rank: 1st and 2nd.
  12. History of the STERIS System 1“; rank: 2nd.
  13. “Recall of Olympus endoscopes“; rank: 3rd.
  14. “How to reprocess a contaminated colonoscope”; rank: 3rd and 4th.
  15. “Delayed reprocessing of gastrointestinal endoscopes”; rank: 2nd and 3rd.
  16. “Superbug transmissions during GI endoscopy”; rank: 2nd – 4th.

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Other related search terms that Google‘s popular search engine lists this blog on the first page of its results include:

  1. Reprocessing of reusable medical equipment“; rank: 4th.
  2. “Reprocessing rigid laryngoscopes“; rank: 3rd and 4th.
  3. How to use the Trophon EPR“; rank: 9th.
  4. Flash sterilization or immediate use steam sterilization”; rank: 8th.
  5. “How to reprocess a GI endoscope”; rank: 5th.
  6. Cidex OPA’s labeling claims“; rank: 5th and 6th.
  7. “Pseudomonas outbreak during arthroscopy”; rank: 4th.
  8. Endoscope reprocessing [and] infection control“; rank: 6th and 7th.

* These rankings could vary from week to week and were validated on 9/25/2014.

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