Recent webinars, eBooks — Bronchoscopy

♦  May 2017 — “Infection Prevention During Bronchoscopy — an Update” (Webinar) — Presented by Lawrence F Muscarella, PhD Sponsor: AMBU USA | (Note: Attendees who take a quiz at the end of the presentation are eligible for receiving CEUs.)

♦  November 2016 — “Infection Prevention During Bronchoscopy” (Webinar) — Presented by Drs. Atul Mehta MD and Lawrence F Muscarella, PhD (November 2016) | Sponsor: AMBU USA | Test your knowledge: Take an on-line quiz. | Note: This presentation does not provide CEUs to attendees.

Infection control webinars, eBooks

In addition to “superbugs,” Dr. Muscarella can present an on-line, educational, customized virtual lecture, or webinar, to healthcare staff members discussing any one of several infection control and endoscope reprocessing topics. Dr. Muscarella can also author an eBook about a certain timely topic.


Contact Dr. Muscarella — — to request he prepare an on-line webinar for your hospital or company.

Lecture topics

Dr. Muscarella has presented a number of timely topics to healthcare practitioners and manufacturers through the years, including (but are not limited to):

  • the risk of transmission of “CRE” during gastrointestinal endoscopy and bronchoscopy;
  • the principles of disinfection and sterilization;
  • the modes of disease transmission;
  • how to select an appropriate sterilization process for a specific instrument;
  • the risk management in the healthcare setting; and
  • design controls and when a manufacturer should submit a 510(k) application.


Attendees to Dr. Muscarella’s webinars usually can receive continuing educational units, or “CEUs” (provided the medical facility applies for and is approved to offer these units), by taking a quiz after the presentation.

Software needed, other equipment

Dr. Muscarella’s prepares his webinars using Microsoft PowerPoint, which your staff members than view remotely at a scheduled time typically using audio-visual (AV) software provided by the medical facility (or manufacturer).

The software used to view Dr. Muscarella PowerPoint webinars may be any of the following, among others:

  • Adobe Connect
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • GoToMeeting
  • Skype
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Sharing
  • and other software packages.

Staff members “attend” and participate in Dr. Muscarella’s webinars via a personal computer or tablet.


This cost-effective service provides your staff with the opportunity to watch Dr. Muscarella’s infection control lecture (average time = 45 minutes) and to ask questions (average time = 15 minutes).

Lectures range in cost from $1500 and up, with the average all-inclusive cost of $2500. In most cases, this cost covers Dr. Muscarella’s time to prepare the lecture, present it on-line (remotely), and to answer questions afterwards.

This all-inclusive price is the same no matter how many of your staff members attend.

Rationale for remote webinars

It is always preferred that a lecturer present a timely topic in person. But, sometimes the costs of airline tickets, hotel reservations, and meals required to host a speaker can be expensive.

Dr. Muscarella’s remote lectures, which he presents to your staff members from his office via a personal computer provide a cost-effective alternative that can save thousands of dollars compared to hosting a speaker on site.

What’s most important is the knowledge learned from and the lessons taught during a webinar, much more so than where the lecture originates.

Remember education

Remember SGNA recommends that GI endoscopy units ensure their staff are educated about the prevention of CRE transmissions and infections during GI endoscopy.


Email your questions to Dr. Muscarella at:

Posted: 5/18/2017, Rev A.