Dr. Muscarella founded LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC, to improve the quality and safety of health care, with a special emphasis on the prevention of healthcare-associated infections, or HAIs.

Dr. Muscarella’s company seeks to raise the standard of care by forging evidence-based alliances between patients, medical device manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and federal agencies.

Strategies, Solutions

Through its blog “Discussions in Infection Control,” Dr. Muscarella’s company provides an educational forum that is interactive, evidence-based, and offers perspectives and editorials that assess technologies in the fields of infection control, risk management, instrument and endoscope reprocessing, aseptic technique, disinfection and sterilization, and medical device design, among others.

In addition, LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC, offers strategies and solutions to educate staff and to control and prevent disease transmission primarily in flexible (and rigid) endoscopy departments.

These strategies include:

  • the management and reduction of risk through the prevention of medical errors and HAIs;
  • the improvement of quality;
  • a reduction in costs;
  • an improvement in patient safety; and
  • the education of staff.

​These strategies are achieved by performing:

  • audits and inspections of a medical facility’s policies, procedures, and practices;
  • root cause analyses to prevent the recurrence of identified breaches, deviations, or non-conformances; and
  • assessments of the risk of disease transmission associated identified infection-control breaches.

In addition to healthcare facilities, Dr. Muscarella’s company works with manufacturers to improve the quality and safety of their instrumentation. Click here to read more about Dr. Muscarella’s services.

Other goals

Another of the goals of LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC, is to encourage the infection control, endoscopy, and operating room communities to improve patient care not only by asking good questions, but also by expecting well-referenced, evidence-based answers.


LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC, is entirely and exclusively responsible for and owns any and all of the content of this blog and website, whether the content was posted currently, in the future or in the past. All rights are reserved. Dr. Muscarella is the president of LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC.

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Contact Lawrence F. Muscarella, PhD, with your questions at: Larry@LFM-HCS.com

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