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Contamination of Flexible Endoscopes and Associated Infections: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of FDA Adverse Event Reports

This review analyzed more than 10,000 medical device reports submitted to FDA since 2014 describing the contamination of a flexible endoscope.

Sterilization of Duodenoscopes Found to Terminate ‘Superbug’ Outbreaks Other effective measures include returning the endoscope to the manufacturer for servicing.

Measures healthcare facilities have adopted to prevent additional infections after associating use of a duodenoscope with a “superbug” outbreak are discussed in an article recently published in the peer-reviewed journal…

New Guidance for Hospitals Considering the Sterilization of Flexible Endoscopes A newly developed 3-tiered classification scheme based on the risk of multidrug-resistant infections is discussed.

May 30, 2019 — New guidance designed to help medical facilities considering replacing high-level disinfection with sterilization of flexible endoscopes, including duodenoscopes, has just been published. This guidance is based on…