Dr. Muscarella — an independent expert in hospital safety, infection prevention, and medical device design — has been interviewed by a number of different media sources for his knowledge, perspectives, and expertise on the causes of several nationally publicized “superbug” outbreaks linked to the contamination of a specific type of gastrointestinal endoscope known as an “ERCP endoscope.”

A sample of these TV-news broadcasts include:

CNN | NBC’s The Today Show | NBC’s Nightly News with Lester HoltABC World News Tonight | CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley | CBS News 3 (Philadelphia, PA) | WFMZ’s 69News (Allentown, PA) | Huffington Post Live | Wall Street Journal Live | CBS Los Angeles 

A sample of Dr. Muscarella’s radio interviews and comments in newspaper articles include:

USA TODAY | New York Times | CNN | Wall Street JournalCBS News Radio (Los Angeles, CA) | Philadelphia Inquirer | Los Angeles Times | Bloomberg BusinessNPR Radio (Los Angeles) | The Los Angeles Times | Scientific AmericaThe Seattle Times | Reuters | Highlands TodayThe Palm Beach PostMassLive! | Los Angeles Times | Bloomberg Business Newsweek | Al Jazeera America | KNX-1070 NewsRadio | CBS News 3 | CBS News 2 | ABC6 On-Your-Side | The Associated Press | The San Francisco Chronicle | WSOC-TV Eyewitness News | Reuters | The Los Angeles Times | USA TODAY | The Seattle Times | The Iowa City Gazette | | The Philadelphia Inquirer | Winston-Salem Journal | Wall Street Journal | San Juan Weekly

These outbreaks at UCLA and other hospitals could collectively be the most significant instance of disease transmission ever linked to a contaminated reusable medical instrument. — Lawrence F Muscarella, PhD, a hospital-safety consultant in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania as quoted in The LA Times (February 18, 2015)

Some of Dr. Muscarella’s healthcare safety and quality services may be viewed by clicking here.

Legal Reviews for Hospitals, Manufacturers, and Patients:  Click here to read about Dr. Muscarella’s expertise and legal assessments of the causes of healthcare-associated infections, including “superbug” outbreaks linked to contaminated GI endoscopes and other reusable medical equipment.

Dr. Muscarella’s quality and safety services are described on LinkedIn and on this page. He also performs reasonably priced audits of GI endoscopy units, to minimize the likelihood of one encountering a superbug outbreak.

Posted: 2/28/2015, Rev A.

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