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Lawrence F. Muscarella PhD is the president of LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC.

His expertise in the fields of infection control, disease prevention, medical device design, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs are well-known.

Brochure:  Download and read Dr. Muscarella’s brochure explaining the safety, risk reduction and quality services he offers healthcare facilities.

Dr. Muscarella specializes in guiding healthcare facilities and providing them with evidence-based advice and peer reviews about:

  • preventing ‘superbug’ infections linked to contaminated gastrointestinal endoscopes, particularly duodenoscopes;
  • preventing multidrug-resistant infections linked to the inadequate reprocessing of GI endoscopes using an AER, or automated endoscope reprocessor;
  • preventing mycobacterial infections linked to heater-cooler devices used during open-heart surgery;
  • preventing bacterial infections following more invasive surgical procedures; and
  • preventing outbreaks following other types of medical procedures, too.

Dr. Muscarella’s services for healthcare facilities are designed to:

  • reduce costs
  • improve quality and safety
  • prevent patient infections
  • ensure confidentiality and trust
  • minimize risk

As detailed in his brochure, Dr. Muscarella’s services include:

  • performing comprehensive reviews, surveys and audits of a medical facility’s practices, policies and procedures;
  • performing assessments of the risk of disease transmission associated with an identified infection-control breach;
  • evaluating the performance of medical devices for healthcare facilities or groups both after and prior to their purchase;
  • training staff on the proper cleaning, disinfection and storage of flexible endoscopes, including colonoscopes, and other types of reusable instruments;
  • performing a root cause analysis (RCA) to assist a healthcare facility’s identification of the cause(s) (and the contributing factors) of an adverse event; and
  • the opening and completion of preventive and corrective actions (“CAPAs”) to improve quality (and safety) and to prevent an adverse event’s recurrence.

Sample quote

Click here to download a sample quote one of whose items include the pricing for this solution.

Note: While robust (and specializing, but not limited to, endoscope reprocessing), Dr. Muscarella’s program of solutions accomplishes only those quality activities that the medical facility requests, pursuant to its own defined objectives and goals.


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Dr. Muscarella’s confidentiality and privacy policies are strict. No confidential correspondence of any type, at any time, is disclosed directly or indirectly — click here for more details.

Lawrence F. Muscarella, Ph.D., President

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