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Reduce costs and improve quality by outsourcing your research and quality work to Lawrence F Muscarella, PhD, whose expertise in the fields of infection control, medical device design, and instrument reprocessing is well-known.

Dr. Muscarella specializes in providing advice to manufacturers about preventing ‘superbug’ infections linked to contaminated gastrointestinal endoscopes, particularly duodenoscopes, reprocessed manually or using an automated endoscope reprocessor, or AER.

Download  a copy of Dr. Muscarella’s brochure explaining several of the quality, research, marketing, and regulatory services that he provides for manufacturers.


Dr. Muscarella’ services are designed for manufacturers to:

  • reduce costs
  • improve quality and safety
  • ensure confidentiality and trust
  • minimize risk

Dr. Muscarella’s services provide manufacturers with an ideal opportunity for outsourcing work projects.

Dr. Muscarella is the president of LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC. Click here to learn more about him.

As detailed in his brochure, Dr. Muscarella’s services include:

  • writing detailed technical bulletins, white papers, and product monographs that explain to the marketplace (in an easy-to-understand format) the performance of a medical device;
  • writing peer-reviewed articles that, in addition to providing the manufacturer with market exposure, feature unique recommendations for the prevention of disease transmission when using in the clinical setting a reusable medical device;
  • assisting in the development, branding, sales and marketing of medical devices;
  • assisting in the opening and completion of preventive and corrective actions (“CAPAs”) as required to comply with federal regulations;
  • reviewing for completeness and regulatory compliance the quality and regulatory records and documentation associated with a marketed medical device;
  • performing validation and verification design-control activities;
  • assessing the risk of disease transmission and other types of patient harms associated with a medical device;
  • performing a failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) of a medical device;
  • performing a root cause analysis (RCA) to assist a manufacturer’s identification of the cause(s) of an adverse event associated with a marketed medical device; and
  • given manufacturer-sponsored lectures to potential purchasers (e.g., nurses, doctors) of medical equipment, providing both continuing education units (CEUs) for attendees and advertising exposure for the sponsor.


Click here to read more about Dr. Muscarella. A copy of Dr. Muscarella’s curriculum vitae may be read by clicking here.


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Dr. Muscarella’s confidentiality and privacy policies are strict. No confidential correspondence of any type, at any time, is disclosed directly or indirectly — click here for more details.

Lawrence F Muscarella, PhD, is the president of LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC | P.O. Box 684 | Montgomeryville PA | 18936.

Email Dr. Muscarella at:

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