Lawrence F Muscarella, PhD, is an internationally known bioengineer and expert with more than 25 years of experience. He is the president of LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC, which he founded in 2013.

Dr. Muscarella provides case reviews, forensics services and litigation support, including expert opinions and confidential consulting services on the topics of healthcare-associated infections, medical devices, disinfection and sterilization, medical errors and adverse events, among other disciplines.

His services often focus on the causes and prevention of healthcare-associated infections linked to medical equipment; infection-control lapses; and violations of aseptic technique.

The broad objectives of Dr. Muscarella’s case reviews and consulting services for legal representatives and the public are to:

  • identify the key documents to request
  • define the key questions to ask
  • strengthen a case’s justification and scientific foundation
  • perform forensic analyses
  • enhance a case’s merit and value
  • research and identify important case details
  • offer expert opinions, insights and perspectives
  • provide expert advice and expertise
  • offer superior scientific guidance and research capabilities
  • achieve the client’s objectives cost-effectively

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Some of the more specific objectives of Dr. Muscarella’s case reviews and consulting services include:

  • identifying the cause and prevention of an infection, outbreak or medical harm
  • determining an outbreak’s source, reservoir and mode of transmission
  • performing hazard analyses
  • performing “gap” analyses
  • performing root cause analyses (RCAs)
  • performing risk analyses and assessments
  • performing trend analyses
  • evaluating a device’s design validation and verifications
  • evaluating the effectiveness of a reusable device’s disinfection or sterilization procedures and “IFUs”

Dr. Muscarella’s services often focus on reviewing cases and providing expert opinions and advice about healthcare-associated infections linked to the following medical devices, among many others:

  • arthroscopic instrumentation including shaver handpieces and associated instrumentation and cannula
  • automated endoscope reprocessors, or AERs, which are used in healthcare facilities to clean and disinfect many types of flexible endoscopes, including duodenoscopes and other types of  gastrointestinal endoscopes
  • bronchoscopes, which may become contaminated with and transmit carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE)
  • cystoscopes, both rigid and flexible
  • duodenoscopes, colonoscopes and other types of gastrointestinal endoscopes, which may become contaminated with and transmit multidrug-resistant bacteria, including CRE and colistin-resistant bacteria
  • heater-cooler devices, which may become colonized with mycobacteria and other types of bacteria and pose an infection risk
  • reusable biopsy forceps, which are used in healthcare facilities to sample tissue from a woman’s cervix

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  1. would like some legal advice since I had to of caught the infection either by doctor error or operating room conditions, thank you for your time.

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